Tanja Ritterbex (1985 Heerlen, NL). The paintings by Dutch artist Tanja Ritterbex are an artistic instrument and objects of self-critique. Driven by the dynamics of paint her practice is both spontaneous and systematic; each work is consciously planned, but when it comes to putting brush to canvas her application is “based in immediacy”.
Tanja’s paintings start with small test canvases, which she calls her sketchbook which lead to a traditional cartoon on canvas, colour blocking and finally layers of acrylic paint applied quickly – “wet on wet”. By developing a consistent visual vocabulary of intense colour, glitter and conflicting lines of sight, a unique tongue and cheek vision of “her world” comes to life in both her painted and video works. “She keeps a sense of humour and playfulness in each work” while at the same time presenting a critical and often extreme portraiture of herself and her peers.